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Pre-Instrumental Music

Class tuition for ages 4-10 approx will introduce such musical skills as beat, rhythm and melody and will focus on the development of aural abilities, such as recognition of pitch, timbre and tone quality, as well as Inner hearing skills such as musical memory. Listening skills, Notation, Introduction to instruments of the orchestra will also be covered.

By enrolling in this class your child will have an opportunity to explore music, make an informed decision as to which instrument to learn,and progress faster on his/her chosen instrument.

About First Notes Music Classes:

The classes are based on the Kodaly method of music education for children. The Kodaly method is regarded worldwide as one of the most beneficial for early stages musical training and it is now a fundamental part of almost all classical music education syllabuses. The Kodaly approach to music education is child centered and taught in a clear progressive manner providing a secure foundation in all the essential musical skills.

First notes music classes are presented in an enjoyable and playful way through a carefully selected repertoire of children's songs and appropriate musical material. Weekly classes introduce children to various musical concepts such as pitch, rhythm, melody, dynamics, tempo, mood, form and style.

Parents can also attend each lesson so that they can help with the material at home.

Children are grouped in each class according to their age with each class tailored specifically to the age group.
Enrolment in each class is based on a 10 week term basis from September to June.

For more information and enrolment contact Glen Austin at:
Mobile: (tel:087-2987706)

Music Theory

Indeed a knowledge of theory contributes significantly to the development of musicianship and to learning your pieces faster, as well as playing them with understanding.

Tuition is available in theory for the following examination boards: Royal Irish Academy of Music (RIAM), Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), Trinity College London, Guildhall London. In addition classes are offered in theory for grades 1-8 and for advanced diplomas.

In the Associated Board exams it is not possibile to progress to Grade 6 on an instrument without having Grade 5 theory. We strongly advise students to begin theory as soon as possible.

Aural and Listening Tests for Grade Exams

Prior to the Grade exams in December and May Glen will offer a set of three classes to cover the aural and listening requirements of each grade. These classes will include such areas as recognition of intervals and cadences, singing of melodies played by the examiner, as well as analysis of a piece of music presented by the examiner.

Junior Certificate Music

A full revision of all the course work is available. This covers all aspects of the course. There is also the option of one-off lessons if a student just needs some help or clarity on one or two topics.

Leaving Certificate Music

A full revision of all the course work is available. This covers all aspects of the course. There is also the option of one-off lessons if a student just needs some help or clarity on one or two topics.

Grinds are offered in Leaving Cert Music Technology (musical notation software, audio recording editing, production, etc.). This would be of particular interest to Leaving Cert music students who are taking the practical exam music technology elective. The elective allows the music performance exam to be divided into another technology exam which means the mark is less weighted on one performance. One-off lessons are available if a student needs some help or clarity on one or two topics in the syllabus.

Music Composition

If you've often wondered how music is composed, or if you would like to try your hand at writing your own music, this is the class for you.
All genres of music to all ages of students.

Harmonic Theory, Stylistic classical composition (18th and 19th century composition techniques, Impressionist composition techniques, 20th century composition techniques, etc) Orchestration, Jazz harmonic theory and compositional techniques, Film music and music for media, Rock and pop music writing and arrangement, song writing, electronic composition and recording methods (sound editing and processing).

Classes are offered by Glen Austin (tel:087-2987706). Glen is an award winning classical music composer with many years of experience in music education having taught at may of Irelands leading music schools. Glen holds an Honours Degree in Classical Music Pedagogy and Performance from DIT Conservatory of Music and an Associate Diploma in Performance from London College of Music. Glen is currently an assistant lecturer in music composition and a PhD student at DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama. He also teaches guitar, music theory and leaving cert music at Malahide School of Music. For more information about Glen visit his personal website at

Students of all ages welcome!