Classes Offered

Talent is a pursued interest.
Anything you are willing to practise, you can do.

We have approximately 200 students, mostly children from 6-18 years old who live mainly in Malahide and Portmarnock. Approximately 50 are secondary school students and we have about 20 adults learning with us.

Lessons are both individual and in small groups. Individual music lessons are usually much better for your progress. Group lessons are typically better for social experiences.

At the moment we offer lessons

  • piano, keyboard
  • violin, viola
  • guitar
  • recorder, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone
  • singing
  • percussion, drums
  • theory
  • aural training
  • Junior and Leaving Certificate musicianship
  • music composition and technology
  • pre-instrumental
  • recorder consort
  • string orchestra
  • mixed ensemble
  • take part in many of our concerts
  • How does music education help the personal development?

    • enjoyment and understanding of music
    • sensitivity - awareness of the expressive power of music
    • aesthetic judgement - independent thought and evaluation
    • creative thought and action - imagination and interpretation
    • intellectual skills - spatial thinking, numeracy, mental 'stretching'
    • social skills - cooperation, communication, leadership, team-work
    • physical and perceptual skills - coordination, speed and accuracy of response
    • personal attributes - self-discipline, self-reliance
    • personal attributes - concentration, attention to detail, initiative, commitment